01) Expectations

It wasn’t a new situation, since a couple of years they have been delaying to meet each other again. They were not close friends at college, but both remember they had certain and mutual wonderment for each other. Evelio got the custom to look for old friends that time puts out of sight. He had tried it every four or more months. He always has learned something with that. Also, he has gotten friendly and nice relationships from it.
Evelio does not like of put our life on catwalk; catwalk of social networks; he was enemy of it. He thought that people with time enough for it, was because they just needed to catch some attention that close persons don’t give. Any social network were a prefabricate dreams factory, and he did not need it. However, he can’t avoid registering in them; his friends and relatives pushed him really hard. Finally Evelio has found that social networks have few advantages; then, he did not waste it. He used it to find people that vanished in the cruel time line; or with no effort; allows that people can find him.
Evelio had fond memories of Virna, specially her brown and expressive and kind eyes. Also, her black hair with a natural soft fall, precisely, highlighted his gaze. In addition, he admired her because she was one of the few students of Physics at College, considering that in engineering were very few women. In Mexico, persons must be very science lover, the possibilities to get a job are negligible even impossible for related careers. Either way, Evelio was skeptical because in some previous encounters with other friends had found very different people physically, but mentally very similar as he remembered them. Evelio has rarely seen a candid picture of people, besides everybody shows their positive and nice side, nobody wants to expose in a catwalk their dark side. That was an excited piece of these encounters; trying to see the reality of people. Evelio mainly found guys with the necessity to be seen and get the approval of the crowd. Fortunately, Evelio had the ability to make them to take off masks and allows talk about them without inhibition.

That morning the sky of Mexico City looked out very good, the unpredictable rains that fallen last week cleared the sky. The city offered the opportunity to enjoy a kind of clean air, so Virna decided to switch the treadmill for an open view, running in Tlalpan forest. Weeks before, she got a slight sprain in her left knee. Nothing serious but her times were reduced, she was recovering slowly and simultaneously she prepared herself for the next half marathon; finally she did not want to take risks. That day, the training made her felt satisfaction, also the environment was improving at office, the energy that she got while she ran, gave her harmony. An essential piece for this atmosphere was the music, this time she listened songs of the nineties (rarely for her), and she enjoyed the landscape in a different way. When she slowed down in order to finish, she took some photos of the landscape and selfies with a soft and nice smile that indicates that was the perfect start of the day. Virna enjoys seeing how “likes” start to increase immediately for what she was up, and that encouraged her more. Although, she knows that in the net she can see not just friends. Also she can see fans and some stalkers. That’s why she had to improve the profiles’ security; and nobody could contact her, but if the person is in a first circle or had her cell number.
That day Virna was eager. Evelio contacted her and now everything indicated that would happen. A couple of years ago they found each other on the net. For different reasons, sometimes because of him, sometimes because of her, it was not possible the reunion. Evelio was in Virna’s good memories from college, because Evelio had good mold, influencing everybody, also he was good in some tough classes. At that time each one had their own couple and never were conditions to get closer. Now that she saw him in social networks, she was doubtful that he was using a recent photograph, the time wasn’t hit him as other contemporaries pals.

That day Evelio prepared the departure from office very anticipated. At the office, he hastily resolved the pressing issues and the others were postponed for the next day. He called to his vanity, he verified himself at mirror in the bathroom. He was proud, he despite being in their forties, he does not have a potbelly like his friends. He pounding his abs with his open hands. It always improves his ego and selfconfidence preparing his mind for the visit. Either way, the day passed quickly and just at 6:30 pm sharp he leaved the office without saying goodbye in order to not attract attention.

Virna finished a meeting simultaneously, and she started the analysis of the issues of the quarterly closing before she leaves the office. It does not matter she was a very good Physicist, indeed, it was very hard to find work in the scientific sector, but fortunately she was very good for reviewing and summarizing the numbers. The income was not the best, but she had gotten what she considered the beginning of her economic stability. She prepared the first summary. She answered a call from Evelio.

-Hi Virna.

-Hi, how you doing?

-Nice, I’ll be there in ten minutes.

-Good, I’ll reach you.

-Ok, bye.